The Bray Park Water Treatment Plant serves the rapidly growing Tweed Shire region in northern NSW. A new 100 ML/day water treatment plant using immersed membrane technology has been constructed to meet future water quality and growth needs of the community. The plant has been designed to be easily expandable to 150 ML/d without the addition of major civil assets, to allow for future growth in the region.

Hunter Water Australia (HWA) was the principal designer for the Bray Park Water Treatment Plant project, working with Tweed Shire Council (TSC) on each stage of the project, including strategic, concept, membrane procurement, detailed design, early contractor involvement, tender assessment, construction assistance, commissioning, operational systems and ongoing project support.


Innovative design

An innovative part of the design is that it allows for partial siphoning through the membranes. This provides significant energy savings for TSC. An international membrane technology review and tender process was undertaken to select a membrane supplier to be an integral part of the design and project team.

Collaborative approach

HWA and TSC adopted a partnership approach early in the project. This relationship was crucial in ensuring that TSC’s requirements and input were incorporated into the design. The project also involved risk assessments and value management reviews at key stages.  This has enabled a range of stakeholders – including in particular operational staff – to have input to the designs.  Constructors also had input to design decisions through the Early Contract Involvement (ECI) phase.


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