The Highlands Source Project involved the construction of an 80km pipeline and pumping station between Wingecarribee Reservoir and Goulburn, and has recently received an Engineering Excellence Award in the Sydney Region for Engineering in Regional Communities.

The $50M project was jointly funded by the Australian Government, NSW Government and Goulburn Mulwaree Council and is a major initiative to secure Goulburn’s water supply. HWA’s role was as Council’s in-house Project Manager for both the Pre-construction and Construction phases. Working closely with Council staff we provided management of consultants, design verification, and other technical expertise to ensure Council’s interests were protected during the Project. HWA was also responsible for finalising the water supply security strategy, which identified the Highlands Source Project as being the preferred solution for providing long term security to Goulburn’s water supply.

highlands_source_project_2.jpgThe source of the water is the Wingecarribee Reservoir, made available through agreements that have been reached with Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA). The water is untreated and can be drawn off from existing outlet works at the Wingecarribee Reservoir. The dam currently supplies Moss Vale, Mittagong and the surrounding areas including Robertson.

The transfer scheme to Goulburn was designed as a raw water scheme with the water being transferred from Wingecarribee Reservoir via a DN300/375 Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) watermain directly into the main water treatment plant at Goulburn. The project was designed and constructed within 24 months – a tight time frame given the length of the pipeline and the involvement of around 150 separate properties, numerous public roads and watercourses.

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