Mt St John Wastewater Purification Plant

Hunter H2O (formerly known as Hunter Water Australia) has been involved with Townsville City Council (TCC) water and wastewater treatment plants for over 15 years. Commencing in 2007, Hunter H2O and AECOM have worked closely with TCC to develop an augmentation plan for their Wastewater Purification Plant (WPP).

This occurred during a difficult time where two local councils, Thuringowa and Townsville, were amalgamated into one council.

mtstjohn2.jpgSavings of $80M

The amalgamated treatment involved combining the sewerage from the Mt Low, Deeragun and Mt St John Plants into one new plant at Mt St John. The strategy also involved refurbishment works at Condon WPP. This strategy was termed the Wastewater Upgrade Program (WUP), and resulted in savings of over $80M compared to previous augmentation strategies.

mtstjohn3.jpgLatest Research

The Mt St John plant was designed with a strong focus on reliability and lowest whole of life costs. It is a full Biological Nutrient Removal plant of 106, 500 EP capacity. It uses oxidation ditch technology configured as a 5 stage Bardenpho to achieve better than 5 mg/L total nitrogen and 1 mg/L total phosphorus.

The plant uses aerobic digestion to stabilise waste activated sludge. Hunter H2O adopted the latest research into aerobic digestion to ensure a higher degree of biosolids stability in comparison to conventional aerobic digestion designs.mtstjohn5.jpg


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