Hunter H2O (formerly known as Hunter Water Australia) are specialists with over a decade of experience assisting water and sanitation organizations with asset management in North America. Over recent years, a set of eight training and development modules have developed around a core set of asset management topics. Our approach is to help you develop an asset management culture in your organization through training and undertaking real asset management tasks with teams from your organization. Real work is done and outcomes achieved whilst your staff learn. It is a `learn through doing’ approach.

The eight training modules cover the two essential basics of asset management, service levels and business case evaluation, coupled with five modules covering how different risk management strategies are applied to managing different types of assets – sewers, water mains, pumping stations, water and wastewater treatment plants and stormwater assets. Added to this is a general module that covers other aspects needed to set up an organization with a focus on asset management. Activities covered in this general module are:

  • Assessing your asset management information needs and the capability and configuration of your information technology
  • Developing a long term financial model for your organization and accompanying financial reports
  • Setting up business units as specifiers and providers which are customer focused, have suitable internal contracts and deal through transfer pricing arrangements
  • Undertaking benchmarking, asset management process audits and helping you integrate water and wastewater work practices

To start, you will need some basic understanding of asset management principles and the basics. From there, we target your priorities and preferences.




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