Capacity Development Yangon City Myanmar

Client - Yangon City Development Committee and Asian Development Bank

Location - Myanmar, Southeast Asia

Contract Period - May 2014 to June 2015

Project Overview and Scope

This project was sponsored by the Asian Development Bank as part of its Water Operator Partnerships or ‘twinning’ program.

Hunter H2O (formerly Hunter Water Australia) was requested to develop and deliver a wastewater treatment training program to young engineers in Yangon, Myanmar. The aim of the training program was to improve the capacity of the young engineers so that they could better manage and optimise the city’s wastewater treatment facility leading to improved public health and environmental outcomes.

The training provided by Hunter H2O was a mix of classroom lectures combined with hands on monitoring procedures on site and under laboratory conditions. The Hunter H2O personnel selected to deliver this training were carefully chosen to provide a mix of extensive technical experience and hands on water and wastewater treatment operations.

Key Success Factors

Key factors that contributed to the success of this project include:

  • The ability of the Yangon City Development Committee engineers to transfer their theoretical learnings into real life applications for the actual operation of the plant.
  • The ability to complement the additional in classroom tuition with real life applications in the field and laboratory.
  • On the job training utilising modern testing equipment.
  • The development of staff to enable robust operation of new wastewater treatment plants planned for construction in the future.
  • The ability to be taught by Hunter H2O technical specialists who have had hands on operational experience.

Further information on this project can be found at:

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