Our experienced professionals offer an unparalleled scope of skills and experience to guide our clients through their individual business requirements. Operating Australia-wide and internationally, our specialists include:

•Automation Engineers
•Electrical Engineers
•Computer Engineers
•Electrical Drafters
•SCADA & PLC Integrators
•SCADA System Architects
•Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance Strategists
•Project Managers

Strategic Automation

Wide area control and monitoring systems facilitate remote monitoring, operator control and integration with the business systems. This will provide demonstrated improvements in efficiency and productivity to any organisation.

Hunter H2O’s frontline operations experience enables our designers to conceptualise systems that achieve optimal functionality using practical, user-friendly interfaces.

We provide strategic advice based on our water industry knowledge and our broad experience in SCADA, telemetry, automation, and control.

Systems Integration and Support Services

Hunter H2O’s long standing foundation in water industry operations keeps us at the forefront of technological developments, including advancement in SCADA and automation systems, across our complete service offering;

•Electrical, SCADA, Automation & Telemetry Systems Consultancy
•Wide Area Water Industry SCADA & Telemetry Support
•Project Management of Multidisciplinary Electrical, Automation & SCADA
•SCADA Governance and Standards Development & Implementation
•Water and Wastewater Treatment Process Automation Integration
•Commissioning Expertise & Technical Peer Review
•SCADA & Business Systems Integration
•Energy Management Consultancy

Technical Peer Review and Commissioning

SCADA, control and telemetry are major elements in a project which can significantly impact the long-term operation and maintenance of the asset.

Our team of experienced electrical, automation and SCADA engineers can provide unparalleled technical support to ensure projects meet specification while satisfying client expectation.

Hunter H2O specialise in peer review and commissioning verification of project designs, system configurations and installation quality. Our team’s field experience ensures that we find any potential problems early in the life of a project and assist with constructive input to resolve them.

Energy Management

Water authorities and commercial industry depend upon Hunter H2O for guidance in relation to energy assessment and management requirements. We offer comprehensive Energy Management services from audits to project design, specification and delivery.

Hunter H2O can undertake business reviews and provide support for customised Energy Management Systems. EMS supports a base SCADA system with planning and operations analysis factors designed to optimise the utility’s generation and power delivery systems. Access to in-house complementary engineering disciplines such as Civil engineers, Hydraulic Process engineers and system modellers allows Hunter H2O to provide practical, cost effective energy-saving solutions.

Electrical and Mechanical Asset Management Maintenance Strategy

On-going management of Electrical and Mechanical assets can provide real savings to an organisation. Effective equipment management strategies are key to minimising operational costs and maximising the asset lifecycle.

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