Client - Hunter Water Corporation,NSW

Total Project Value - $50 Million

Project Overview and Scope

Hunter H2O was engaged by Hunter Water Corporation to deliver a program of civil, electrical and building infrastructure works valued at ~$50 million. Hunter H2O was responsible for the provision of all Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services.

The individual projects in the program were diverse ranging in size, value and risk profile. It included projects such as:

  • a hydraulic upgrade and power supply upgrade to a wastewater treatment works at Morpeth (~$15m)
  • an upgrade to a sludge management system (lagoons, aerators and dewatering buildings with mechanical infrastructure at Shortland (~$14m)
  • civil, building and mechanical upgrades to chemical dosing facilities at four fluoridation plants
  • removal of asbestos from a heritage building
  • replacement of low‐voltage switchboards at approximately 12 pump station sites in urban areas
  • various pipeline and pump station construction projects

Key Success Factors

The EPCM model involved a collaborative, partnering approach which required consultation with multiple stakeholders during planning and implementation phases. The projects each required integration of various design disciplines and the application of project delivery, contract management, construction supervision and commissioning expertise.

During the construction phase of the project, Hunter H2O was engaged as Hunter Water Corporation’s agent and managed hundreds of contracts on its behalf.

Hunter H2O used its tailored, government‐accredited risk management and procurement systems and tools to ensure the works were successfully delivered.

The projects required proactive co‐ordination of multiple subcontractors and responding to numerous site and interface issues. This required administration of numerous forms of contract (small and large), careful scoping of works and clear communication regarding allocation and management of risks.

KPIs for quality, time and budget were met across the program. The program had an excellent safety outcome with zero lost‐time injuries.

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