Hunter H2O works in partnership with regional water authorities to solve urban water issues. With a focus on providing practical solutions that are tailored to the local environment, our planning approach is unique in the Australian water industry. Experienced in all aspects of asset management, from planning and creation of assets to operation and renewal, our team has proven ability in delivering holistic solutions to complex urban water issues.

Holistic Planning Approach

While traditional planning studies have focused on only one element or component of the urban water cycle, Hunter H2O understands that planning studies are becoming more integrated in scope.

Our multi-disciplined team ensures that all aspects of the urban water cycle, including the environment and the customer, are factored into our strategic planning process so that fully integrated solutions can be implemented.
We engage with local stakeholders from the outset to ensure that the problem is fully defined and maintain their continued involvement throughout the planning process to enable the best all-round solution to be identified.

Our Multi-Disciplined Team

When working to solve urban water issues, Hunter Water Australia offers a diverse team of engineers, environmental scientists and technical specialists who have the combined capability to solve the most complex of urban water issues. Our team of consultants, specialists and operators are highly skilled professionals who will work in collaboration with your team to achieve successful strategic outcomes. Our planning capabilities encompass the entire urban water cycle, including:

  • Catchment and water resource management
  • Bulk supply sources, including dams, weirs and groundwater
  • Water, wastewater and stormwater treatment
  • Water, wastewater and stormwater networks
  • Effluent and stormwater reuse and disposal
  • Rainwater and greywater reuse
  • Demand management and water conservation


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