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Hunter H2O Overview

The water industry is evolving rapidly with emergence of new technologies, changing customer expectations and digitalisation. 100% Australian-owned Hunter H2O is Australia’s largest dedicated water industry professional services firm.  Our 20-year operational background means we understand the intricacies of your assets and can integrate safety-in-design measures that reduce safety risk and ensure our designs meet the needs of your operators and maintenance teams. Our design “Centre of Excellence” is based in the Hunter with over 20 staff that have worked together for nearly two decades on some of the most complex and challenging water industry projects. Our commitment to “support local” means we deliberately do not offshore our designs, but invest in providing innovative digital engineering solutions. Our designers engage regularly with your team to de-risk designs, effectively link into your asset management system and allow you to visualise and explore complicated 3D models using virtual reality.  Our engineering skillset is directly complemented by several of our hand-picked strategic partners who offer specialist independent peer review and technical challenge where needed.

Digital Design

Ever wanted to see a virtual reality 3D model of a treatment plant or pumping station accessible from the palm of your hand? Recent changes in technology are driving how Hunter H2O design and de-risk assets in the water industry. Digital engineering design coupled with our operational experience allows the project team to generate design solutions as if you were standing there on-site. Utilising modern drone technology enables integration of aerial photogrammetry with cloud data, generating the foundation of your project demonstrated by layered 3D imagery.

Integration of Smart P&IDs into our design methodology allows the automation of asset processes and instrumentation, delivering higher quality outputs and enhanced functionality for safety-in-design throughout all project phases. Harnessing the powerful tool of virtual reality, we provide our clients the method to visualise and review virtual infrastructure.   This technology delivers our clients a design that integrates accuracy of information, methods to facilitate virtual site tours, provide operator training, and plan safety in design. 3D digital engineering design can be applied to clash detection, training modules, knowledge management systems, and standard operating procedures which can be updated over the course of the asset lifecycle.

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