Furthering our vision to be the leading specialist water industry consulting firm in the Australia-Pacific region, Hunter H2O is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with New Zealand based software and services provider, Lutra.

Lutra, like Hunter H2O, is an established specialist water company with a high level of expertise and a wholistic appreciation of the water industry.  Lutra have leveraged their knowledge and experience to develop the practical, user friendly software, Infrastructure Data (ID) to support operations personnel with data management and enhanced operational performance monitoring and reporting.  Infrastructure Data (ID) is a web-based suite of integrated data acquisition, management, analytic and reporting modules designed to help organisations reduce the effort and risk associated with managing, monitoring, analysing, and reporting of operational performance for both internal and external requirements.

Recognising the synergies between the two companies we are thrilled to announce that Hunter H2O is now the exclusive provider of Lutra’s Infrastructure Data software to the Australian water industry.

With this new partnership, Australian water and wastewater providers will have more options to address their specific circumstances and needs, leveraging Hunter H2O’s practical operations heritage and Lutra’s progressive technology and expertise through a single point of contact in Australia.

For more information on Hunter H2O and Infrastructure Data, email  ID@hunterh2o.com.au or speak with your local Hunter H2O representative.