Our inspiring, intrepid water specialist volunteers Chris Conway, Dean Taylor and Todd Trench have again proudly donated their valuable time and expertise alongside key members of Sione’s Foundation and H L Mullane & Son Pty Ltd Foundation (and not to mention generously funded by McCloy Group) to travel to Tonga for the Water Quality Improvement Project. As a project of vastly growing national interest from the Tongan Royal Family, international aid agencies, government and the community, the goal is to ensure access to a clean, safe water supply and water treatment assets that are resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Since our last update of the team’s arrival and Investigation phase completion, last Month the collaborative team, led by Sione’s Foundation, humbly presented its ‘Eua (Tonga) Water Quality improvement Project before:

  • Her Royal Highness Angelika Lātūfuipeka Tuku’aho
  • Louise Waterhouse – Consulate-General of the Kingdom of Tonga
  • Rachael Moore – Australia High Commissioner in Tonga,
  • Tapu Panuve – Chairman of Tonga Water Board and the rest of the Board.
  • Pat Conroy – Minister for International Development and the Pacific.

There is a real buzz in the air as we look forward to seeing the volunteer team members working together with Tonga Water Board to improve their capabilities, capacities and to strengthen the relationship by helping reinforce a sustainable water future of these Pacific communities. It makes me incredibly proud to work alongside highly skilled, humble, humans that are so dedicated towards creating clean water and sanitation for all – especially when they’re volunteering their own time with no financial reward.

An extended thank you to Sione’s Foundation for its humble collaboration and shared passion, and gratitude to Jeff McCloy @mccloy_group for his generous donation to funding our project, @mullane_foundation and other businesses in Australia assisting us.

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