Sustainability is core to our organisation’s vision and purpose. Sustainability represents the way we do business, ensuring that future generations will enjoy environmental, social and economic conditions that are equal to or better than those enjoyed by the present generation.

At Hunter H2O our Board-approved sustainability policy drives sustainability impacts through the work we do, reducing our footprint in how we work, giving back to communities and supporting our team to live sustainably.

We incorporate sustainability by:

  • Helping our client partners to meet their sustainability commitments, such as through improving energy efficiency, reducing material consumption and developing climate change adaptation strategies
  • Incorporating sustainability into our skills, services, and projects – our work in regional Australia and the Pacific directly contributes to our performance against UN SDG 6
  • Encouraging innovation and supporting scientific and engineering research into energy, water, and infrastructure solutions that meet community needs such as our initiative on SA Water’s Zero Cost Energy program
  • Engaging our stakeholders, like our partnering with the Queensland Water Directorate to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce nutrient loads to the Great Barrier Reef
  • Establishing, measuring and reporting on health and safety, environmental, social, human rights, product responsibility, and economic performance
  • Reducing the ecological footprint of our operations
We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which form the core of our sustainability policies, and we contribute to the goals through many of our projects. We integrate governance, environment, community, and fiscal responsibility across our projects through guidance structures such as the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia’s IS Ratings Tool. We apply such frameworks to support decision making and ensure transparent realisation of benefits. We have a certified Environmental Management System which demonstrates our commitment to sustainability through targets such as the tracking of Greenhouse Gas emissions.
To view our Sustainability Policy click here: Hunter H2O Sustainability Policy