PNG is not on track to meet the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, nor its own targets of 70% access to improved water supply and sanitation by 2030, particularly in provincial and district towns which are generally poorly serviced. The key objective of this Asian Development Bank technical assistance assignment was to assist Water PNG to strengthen management of the water and sanitation sector and improve the readiness of the PNG Government to implement projects aimed at improving water and sanitation in the district towns of Vanimo, Kerema and Mendi.
Hunter H2O undertook a review of the institutional capacity of key agencies, recommending opportunities for institutional strengthening and continued capacity building. Water Safety Plans were prepared in accordance with the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality.
Feasibility studies were prepared for water supply and sanitation schemes in the three towns, including due diligence reports for the proposed schemes addressing financial and economic feasibility, social safeguards, environmental safeguards, gender issues, stakeholder consultation and participation. Field surveys, groundwater investigations and water quality testing were undertaken to inform recommendations for the proposed water supply and sewerage systems.

The schemes will improve access to water supply and sanitation to over 50,000 people by 2038.