Bec Crosby

Civil Engineer / Project Manager

Bec has five years’ experience in the water industry as a civil engineer. She is currently a project manager and engineer for asset management, planning and operations and has considerable experience in detail design, structural modelling and hydraulic modelling. As a project manager she has had coordinated multiple engineering disciplines to exceed project requirements for options analysis and concept design projects. In the asset management space she regularly performs risk and condition assessments for water, sewer and recycled water assets. In addition to this work she also has direct appreciation and understanding of water authority and council issues through her secondments with Hunter Water and Central Coast Council.

In 2021 Bec commenced an engagement with one of our regional Queensland clients to perform visual condition assessments including onsite inspections and reporting for all 25 water reservoirs in the Council potable network. Onsite inspections required use of safety equipment and inspection tools including harnesses and fall restraint systems. She consulted with operators to understand reservoir maintenance and past history. She prepared a condition assessment report to present results and recommendations for future capital works and operating strategies.

Additionally Bec has demonstrated herself to be a committed member of the Hunter H2O Sustainability Committee, she regularly is found leading the way with regard to our office based environmental and sustainability initiatives.