Chris Conway

Principal Engineer

Christopher is a Chemical Engineer with over thirty years’ experience in the water industry. He has developed and delivered numerous projects in both the municipal and industrial sectors, particularly covering water treatment and filtration, biological nutrient removal and re-use.  Chris has 25 years of experience in MBBR and delivered over 10 MBBR (IFAS) treatment plants as Lead Process Engineer for both industrial and municipal clients. Recent examples of this work include: Caboolture (Municipal) Cargal foods, Norco Dairy, Fosters Lion Nathan and Smiths Confectionary Chris is also familiar with Biowin MBBR modelling as well as AquiFAS software.

Christopher has delivered projects in Australia, Middle East, South Korea, Malaysia and New Zealand. These projects have included various technologies including membranes and dual media filtration, packaged and multi-stage biological systems to achieve low nutrient discharges through to membrane systems for effluent re-use and desalination. Christopher’s roles have included Principal Design Manager, Commissioning Engineer and Project Manager.

His responsibilities have included project management, process design, equipment specification, tendering, installation, commissioning and operations. He has co-authored numerous technical publications in the water field involving the use of moving bed bio-films for pre-treatment of industrial water prior to membrane filtration, desalination and effluent recycling. Chris has had extensive experience in technological advances in water treatment troubleshooting and optimisation.