Clare Boughton

Senior Civil Engineer - B Eng (Civil) Honours

Clare is a Civil and Structural Engineer who, over the seven years she has been with Beca Hunter H2O, has proven herself to be a valuable team member. Clare has been a civil, structural and hydraulic designer for a number of treatment plants, reservoirs, pumping stations, pipelines and other structures for upgrades to existing sites and greenfield sites.

Clare has experience in the civil and structural design of liquid retaining concrete structures, concrete structures, steel and aluminium structures for treatment plants and network assets. Clare is also experienced with condition assessment and asset management of civil infrastructure for treatment plants, reservoirs, pumping stations, pipelines and has also completed routine surveillance of a number of dams. Her experience includes inspection of a large number of treatment plants and pump stations and over 100 in service reservoirs and a number of decommissioned reservoir assets for various water utilities and Councils. Clare also has broad experience with design and analysis of treatment plant hydraulics, pipelines, pumping systems and open channel hydraulics.Clare is proficient in the use of Strand7 and SpaceGass amongst other design software packages.  Additionally, Clare is a Hunter Water accredited designer for the WSAA Design of Water Supply Reticulation (WSA 03-2011-3.1 HW V2).


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