Keith Newman

Electrical Engineer

Keith is a degree qualified Electrical Engineer with experience including PLC and SCADA programming and commissioning, database development and macro development.

Keith’s role at Hunter H2O involves technical development, commissioning and testing of software and control and automation systems, technical support and energy management in projects related to water and wastewater assets.  His role also involves review, design and implementation of secure networks for control systems.

Most recently Keith managed the technical aspects of the Water Authority of Fiji, SCADA and Telemetry Upgrade, including detailed design and implementation of a SCADA system including radio telemetry, 3G/4G telemetry, network design and control design for WAF’s water and wastewater network. Keith performed the detailed design for the automated control of the sites. This included peer controlled water pump stations, reservoirs, actuators, small and large wastewater pumps stations using SCADAPack RTUs. The system was designed to allow a single RTU to contain the code for two different site types without interfering with the operation of the partner type. For example reservoir/actuator or a reservoir/water pump station. The control was designed with reliability at its core where a reservoir request for pumps included time to fill to ensure that if communications was lost while a pump was operating, the pumps continue to operate for a period of time.