Rebecca Carlier

Planning Engineer - B Eng (Civil/Environmental) Honours

Rebecca is an exceptional Civil and Environmental Engineer with professional experience in strategic planning and asset management, who takes an analytical approach to problem solving.  She is continuing her specialist training by completing her PhD in the Integration of Ecological Response Feedbacks for the Optimisation of Water Resource Management. During this research project, Rebecca has developed modelling and calibration techniques within a network flow program which can be used to guide operational decisions.  She successfully completed a graduate engineer program at MidCoast Water, during which she gained experience in strategy development (including the development of MidCoast Water’s Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) Strategy, Asset Management Framework and Strategic Business Plan). She has developed an analysis tool to evaluate water and sewerage management and infrastructure options over a 30-year horizon, taking into consideration growth, intergenerational equity, social, environmental and economic impacts. This tool, a computer program, effectively solved the water management issues pertaining to the project, whilst computing statistical data for various scenarios. Key deliverables were to provide effective water resource management plans, a failures and issues register, and reporting dashboards to track and report issues resolution progress.

Rebecca joined the AWA YWP NSW Committee in 2015, where she dedicated her efforts to creating networking opportunities for regional AWA members. In 2016, she established the role of a regional representative on the committee, a position she held until 2018. During this tenure, she proactively developed events with dual locations, strategically organising gatherings in Newcastle to specifically cater to the needs of AWA members in the region. 

In 2018, seeking to further enhance her impact on regional AWA members, Rebecca was elected as a member of the AWA NSW Committee. In her continued efforts to facilitate connections for regional AWA members, she offered dedicated representation for both regional AWA members and student members. A notable achievement during her tenure on the committee was the establishment of a regional sub-committee in Newcastle, providing a platform for connection among AWA members in the Hunter Region. This pioneering initiative has subsequently served as inspiration for the formation of additional regional committees and representation structures. 

Rebecca was subsequently elected as the inaugural chair of the committee, assuming a leadership role focused on providing information, fostering networking opportunities, and recognising the contributions of AWA members in the Hunter region. Under her guidance, the committee has organised technical events that highlight research and industry projects in the area, as well as networking events and students’ nights that bridge the gap between industry professionals in the region and local students. 

In 2023 Rebecca was announced as the State Finalist to represent New South Wales for the Australian Water Association Young Water Professional of the year.

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